Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Finfree Enterprises is a reputed financial advisory firm based in Hyderabad, Telangana that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs across Hyderabad, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses, at the most considerable interest rates. Finfree Enterprises (herein referred to as the “Company”) is not a direct lender but is an authorized platform and a regulated crediting service that works to connect prospective borrowers with prominent financial institutions like the banks and NBFCs across Hyderabad, Telangana, India, for the sole purpose of borrowing a suitable loan.

At Finfree Enterprises, we value your privacy and understand how important it is to safeguard all your information. In view of this, we have put forward a privacy policy to help protect your information to the fullest of our ability. We comply with all the applicable laws of the Indian Government and assure that we do everything in our strength to protect your privacy rights while you use our website & services. However, we do not warrant complete safety during situations wherein any form of compromise occurs due to intractable reasons. Also, we are not liable for any unauthorized disclosures of your information to other third-parties, including service providers or advertisers who may have their content displayed on our website.

All the terms & policies that have been mentioned on the Privacy Policy page of this website are subject to change without prior intimation. Any major changes that may occur shall be intimated to the borrowers & visitors on the website. The website reserves all rights to change, update, or modify any of the policies or terms, at any point in future without any prior notice. We request the users to check the website regularly for any updates and stay aware of the revised terms. The continued usage of the website implies that you agree to abide by all the updated terms. You are requested to avail our services only if you agree with all the terms & policies, and if you do not agree with any of the terms, you are requested not to use the website or any of the services from Finfree Enterprises.

Collection Of PII

PII, abbreviated for Personally Identifiable Information includes information in regard to the customer’s first name, middle name, last name, contact details (like residential address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.), bank account details, identity details, and other such relevant data. In order to use the online & store services of Finfree Enterprises, you, as the borrower/customer will have to provide all the PII needed to apply for and process a loan application. The information that you submit as PII will be used to connect you with the suitable financiers from our network for the purpose of availing a loan or other financial services. Upon submitting your PII, you imply that you agree to all the terms & policies of this Finfree website, and shall abide by it. If you do not wish to submit any of the required PII, you shall not use the website’s services any further.

Collection of NPII

NPII, abbreviated as Non-Personally Identifiable Information includes the information in regard to the user’s non-personal details that tell about your visit to the Finfree Enterprises website like – the browser details (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), the type of e-device, the OS of your device, the Internet Service Provider, the IP address of your server, date & time stamps, etc. The NPII details that you submit shall be used by us to track the actions & understand the navigation behavior of the customers in order to offer a better user experience. The user NPII can be shared with other concerned third-parties for the sole purpose of serving you better.

Although the company stores all the PII & NPII securely, Finfree Enterprises shall not be held responsible in case of any unfortunate disclosure of the data. The information that you exchange with other concerned parties outside the functionality of the website shall not imply the company liable for any further claims.

Third-Party Cookies

Finfree Enterprises website uses certified & regulated cookies that help us serve our customers better. The cookies from our website or any other concerned third-party websites may be embedded in the user’s browser, which will help in tracking all the needed information about the user’s browser, the IP address, the OS details, and the other relevant information. The sole purpose of using these cookies is to understand the user behavior and navigation on the website to help provide a better user experience. All the data collected from these cookies will be stored securely in our database and will be used for genuine processes pertaining to availing loans & other financial services from Finfree Enterprises. If you do not want the cookies to track your information, you will have to make appropriate changes on your device and browser. However, it should be noted that disabling certain cookies may compromise the security of your browser or your information.

Security & Privacy

All the above-mentioned policies, terms & conditions are applicable only to the users who are using the Finfree Enterprises website to avail any suitable loans or financial services from us, who agree to submit their complete & accurate PII and NPII, and who voluntarily abide by the policies, terms & conditions as mentioned on the website. The users are asked to make the necessary changes on their browser to disable the cookies, unsubscribe to stop receiving emails, and follow other relevant procedures like registering with DND, NCPR services, etc., to stop the sharing of your information to other third parties or to stop receiving our promotional interactions. It may take up to 45 days from the time of registration for DND or other such services to be activated & implemented, during the course of which you may receive any calls, messages, emails, or have other promotion-related interactions with us. If you do not wish to share any of your information with us, you are requested to stop using our website and our services at once.

The terms, policies, and conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy & other disclosures on the website are intended only for the information shared by the user on the website & with the company. Any breach of security that might happen due to the actions of the other third-parties does not hold Finfree Enterprises responsible for it. Also, the company shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, or misuse of data or information in course of a Force Majeure event, which may include but not limited to acts of government, act of God, natural disasters, accidents, explosions, sabotage, riots, unauthorized access to the data & storage device, system crashes, security breach, etc. We encourage the users to understand the risks associated with using the web-based services and the finance-related liabilities before making any decision.

Representative Example

INR 1,00,000/- taken as a loan amount over a loan tenure of 12-months at an annual interest rate of 10.99% will have a total payback amount of Rs. 1,06,051/- with a total payable interest amount of Rs. 6,051/- and a monthly EMI of 8,838/-.

Finfree Enterprises is a financial advisory platform in Hyderabad, Telangana that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses across India, at the most considerable interest rates. The finally imposed interest rates will be dependent on various aspects like the borrowing loan amount, loan type, loan tenure, borrower’s credit score, financial record, employment details, income, and other relevant factors. The borrowed loan amount will have to be paid back as per the scheduled repayment plan, as decided by the borrower & the financier.