Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Finfree Enterprises is a reputed financial advisory firm based in Hyderabad, Telangana that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs across Hyderabad, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses, at the most considerable interest rates.

AIt is advised that before you get into any final agreement in regard to the financial services offered by Finfree Enterprises (herein referred to as the “Company” or “Website”), you go through all the information, terms, conditions, & policies provided on the website. Finfree Enterprises reserves all the rights to change, update, or modify any of the terms or conditions, at any point without any prior intimation. We appeal to you to keep checking the website regularly for any changes and stay updated with the revised terms. Your continued usage of the website implies that you agree with all the updated terms. If you agree with all of it, you are requested to avail the services and move ahead with the processes, and if you do not agree with any of the terms, we ask that you do not use the website or any of the services from Finfree Enterprises

Service Description

Through this website, Finfree Enterprises strives to provide the users with information regarding the financial services & products which includes, but are not restricted to loans, credit cards, balance transfer services, etc. To get a quote from this website and to avail the services of this company, you will have to provide all the required details accurately. You agree that Finfree Enterprises may contact you at any time through any mode of communication like phone calls, text messages, emails, etc., to know more about your interest in our services and that you agree to receive promotional calls, messages, & emails from us.

Access To The Website & License

You acknowledge that the website is owned by Finfree Enterprises, and the company reserves all the legal rights, title, content, and the IPR of the services mentioned on the website. You shall use the services on this website only if you are above 18 years of age and if you are an Indian resident only. You can check for the other eligibility criteria on the website pages, and know if you are eligible to apply for a loan or not with us. If you are availing the services, you shall have to provide true, accurate, and updated details about yourself. If any of the provided information is found to be incomplete or inaccurate, Finfree reserves the rights to refuse or discontinue any of the connected services. Finfree Enterprises shall not be held responsible for any claims made by you in future that may arise due to the transactions or agreements made by using this website. It is the responsibility of the borrower to consider all the risks, the authenticity of the lender, and move ahead with the process, and the website shall not have a stand in any of the decisions made by the borrower.

The website shall be used only for the purpose of searching, gathering information about the financial services provided by Finfree Enterprises, applying & requesting a quote, and shall not be used for any illegal or forbidden purposes. As the website and the company operate in India, you shall abide by the pertaining Indian laws. The company reserves all the rights to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the website, without any prior notice.

Third-Party Partners

Any third-party content displayed on the website, either related to financial services like loans, credit cards, etc., or any other non-finance related content, does not imply that the website endorses or supports the brand or their services. The mere display of the ad on the website does not imply any sponsorship or recommendation of those third-parties & their products by Finfree. You agree that Finfree Enterprises does not guarantee the authenticity of the third-parties & their services, and any interaction made with the third-party through this website or any damages or loss incurred due to such interactions shall not imply that the website is responsible for any of it. It is the user’s sole responsibility to check how genuine the third-party is before interacting with them and all the damages or expenses that result from such interactions shall be made at the risk of the user alone.

Liability Limitation

All the people related to Finfree Enterprises, including the representatives, employees, affiliates, and management, shall not be held responsible for the following occurrences, which have been mentioned or not mentioned in the contract -

(i) Any form of direct or indirect loss, damage, injury, claim, accident, act of god.

(ii) The performance or non-performance of the lender or us.

(iii) Any delay or failure, without limitation.

(iv) The use or inability to use the website content

(v) Any viruses or issues that may arise to your electronic device upon accessing the website or downloading any of its content.


You agree to abide by the indemnification clause and declare that all the representatives, employees, affiliates, and management of Finfree Enterprises as gentle & harmless, and indemnify the company against any causes of action, claims, losses, penalties, fees, damages or other expenses of any sort, that may arise upon using the website or breaching any of the terms, conditions, or policies of the website or the third-party lender.

Trademarks & Content

All the logos, service marks, trademarks, and other form of content that have been displayed on the site are considered as the property of Finfree Enterprises. Any reusing, copying, duplication, distributing, displaying or adapting of information, for public usage or for commercial purposes from the website without any prior intimation to the company is prohibited. The company holds all the copyrights & IPR of the website and its content.

Additional Terms

If any of the mentioned terms, conditions, policies, seem to be invalid or void for any reason, all the parties involved shall file a petition with the court. The condition shall be considered as severable and it shall not affect the authorization and the validity of the agreement & remaining condition. The headings and sub-headings mentioned in the website are only for elucidation purposes and they do not limit the scope or alter the meaning of the content. If in case the website does not take any immediate action upon any breach of the terms or conditions, it does not imply that the issue has been waivered. The website reserves the rights to take appropriate action at any point of time in future, without any prior intimation. Finfree Enterprises holds all the rights to change, modify, or update any of the terms, policies & conditions mentioned on this website in regard to the financial services provided by us, without prior intimation.

You agree that you are aware of all the terms, conditions, and policies mentioned on the website of Finfree Enterprises, and you are continuing to avail the financial services as you agree with all the policies and agree to abide by them to the fullest.

Representative Example

INR 1,00,000/- taken as a loan amount over a loan tenure of 12-months at an annual interest rate of 10.99% will have a total payback amount of Rs. 1,06,051/- with a total payable interest amount of Rs. 6,051/- and a monthly EMI of 8,838/-.

Finfree Enterprises is a financial advisory platform in Hyderabad, Telangana that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses across India, at the most considerable interest rates. The finally imposed interest rates will be dependent on various aspects like the borrowing loan amount, loan type, loan tenure, borrower’s credit score, financial record, employment details, income, and other relevant factors. The borrowed loan amount will have to be paid back as per the scheduled repayment plan, as decided by the borrower & the financier.