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About Mortgage Loans

Although it is one of the variants of Personal loans, mortgage loans, also known as loan against property (LAP), these mortgage loans are one of the most common secured loans that is offered by the banks and other financing institutions, in which the property or fixed asset is placed as collateral with the lender until the loan is paid off successfully. Pledging your property is a risky job, and you need to be careful with whom you are mortgaging it. At Finfree Enterprises, these loans can be easily availed from reputable providers of mortgage loans in Hyderabad and across India, who constitute the prominent banks & NBFCs from our network. With a property is mortgaged, a loan amount of up to 60 – 70% of the current market value of the property can be availed.

Even though the property will be mortgaged with the lender, the borrower is still allowed to use the property for themselves. Unlike the gold loans, in which the jewelry is placed as collateral with the bank and cannot be used until the complete loan is paid off, you can use the mortgaged property even after borrowing a mortgage loan against it, while you are still repaying the loan. So, the mortgage loans considered to be one of the most preferred loan types in India. The funds from these mortgage loans can be used for unrestricted, but genuine personal purposes. These loans can be repaid in a more manageable way as per the scheduled plan for a fixed installment amount & anticipated time period.

How We Work

If you are going through a financial crunch and need quick fiscal assistance, you are at the right place. Applying for a suitable loan at Finfree Enterprises is easy and convenient, and you can have your funds at the earliest at the most affordable interest rates & manageable terms. Given below is a quick idea of the work happens at Finfree Enterprises.

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Why Choose Mortgage Loans?

Mortgage loans are supposedly one of the

quick personal loans

that can be availed when you need to borrow larger amounts of money. They are secured loans in which a property, usually a residential home or commercial property is placed as collateral with the lender. Since it is a secured loan, the imposed interest rates will be relatively lesser than the other unsecured loans. These cost-effective loans can be availed easily by mortgaging your property with reputable lenders of mortgage loans in Hyderabad and India and can be repaid conveniently. The funds from these mortgage loans can be used for various unrestricted personal purposes. Also, you can continue to use the mortgaged property while you still repaying the loan and reap the benefits of owning the property.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age – Minimum 23 yrs – Maximum 58 yrs
  • Residency – Should Be A Legal Indian Resident
  • Residential Address – Should Have A Permanent Address With 6 Months Stability
  • Bank Account – Should Have An Active Bank Account
  • Income – Stable Employment With Regular Income of >= 30K/Month In Active Bank Account
  • CIBIL Scores – Score Of >700 With A Good Credit Record*

Documents Required To Process A Mortgage Loan

  • Identity Proof - Pan Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID card / Driving License / Passport Copy
  • Current Address Proof - Driving license/ Passport Copy/ Latest Gas Bill / Latest Property Tax Bill / Bank Passbook / Ration Card
  • Age Proof - Pan Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID card / Passport Copy / Any Other Statutory authority Certificate
  • Bank Statement - Updated Latest 3 Months Statement
  • Company ID – For Employment Proof
  • Salary Slip - Last 3 Months
  • Form 16 - If Required

Representative Example - INR 50,00,000/- taken as a loan amount over a loan tenure of 120-months (10 years) at an annual interest rate of 11%* will have a total payback amount of Rs. 82,65,001/- with a total payable interest amount of Rs. 32,65,001/- and a monthly EMI of 68,875/-.

Finfree Enterprises is a financial advisory platform in Hyderabad, Telangana that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses across India, at the most considerable interest rates. The finally imposed interest rates will be dependent on various aspects like the borrowing loan amount, loan type, loan tenure, borrower’s credit score, financial record, employment details, income, and other relevant factors. The borrowed loan amount will have to be paid back as per the scheduled repayment plan, as decided by the borrower & the financier.

Perks Of Choosing Quick Mortgage Loans

Due to the benefits that these loans offer over the other personal loans, these mortgage loans are considered to be one of the more favorable choices for people who need a relatively large sum of money quickly. You can easily avail the best mortgage loans and across India by applying with Finfree Enterprises. You can avail the funds securely and quickly from the leading mortgage loan providers at considerable interest rates, and with preferable terms like a longer repayment tenure making it more feasible for you to pay back the loan on time. You can use these funds for unrestricted personal uses like for home extension, educational fees, for medical emergencies, for wedding expenses, and for other genuine purposes. Also, since you will be paying a fixed EMI for the scheduled tenure, you can manage your monthly expenses accordingly, and it will also improve your credit scores.

How To Apply For Best Mortgage Loans?

At Finfree Enterprises, you can easily apply for and avail a loan against property, across India from renowned providers of mortgage loans. All you have to do is fill in our application form by providing all the required details and, our finance team will get in touch with you. We will study & understand all your requirements and provide you with the quotes from the suitable lenders as per your preferences so that you can compare your options and choose the one that offers more preferable terms for you. At Finfree Enterprises, you can apply for a mortgage loan and avail up to INR 75 Lakhs* based on your requirements, the mortgaged property value, & the financier’s terms, at the most considerable interest rates that depend on various factors. Borrow a loan amount which you are sure of repaying and overcome your personal financial issues soon.

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